The Twins Are Coming! Jen Rizzo | Maternity Session

I had so much fun shooting with this beautiful mama and her family. This was the first of my new Maternity breakout session package, shooting Mom down at Ocean Ridge Hammocks Park by herself in the early morning, and the whole family at John Prince park later in the afternoon. It really helped to let Jen relax with some “me time” and get the photos of herself that she wanted. We got lucky with beautiful weather and light. 🙂 Oh, and there are two baby girls in there! So exciting! I hope you enjoy these photos of Jen’s South Florida maternity photoshoot. 🙂

5 replies on “The Twins Are Coming! Jen Rizzo | Maternity Session”

Absolutely fabulous. You captured the personalities, the happiness of their family and the excitement of the approaching birth of twins!!!

Yes!!! She is such a charismatic and charming person and made it easy for me! I love when people approach these sessions with open hearts because it truly shines through in the images. It’s so flattering to have someone put their trust in my hands. I hope to shoot with her and her family again soon. ♥️

You captured the spirit of love and happiness so much a part of this famly! You also captured the excitement of the arrival of precious twins!

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