“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Ansel Adams

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by. Take a look around and check out the work, learn a little more about me, and even see a photo or two of my bulldog, Luna.


My name is Lindsay McGlynn. I’m a creative soul who dabbles in all sorts of mediums. Professionally, in a 9-5 sense, I split my time between social media marketing and photography with a splash of video. On my own time, I love to stretch my legs in everything from street painting, photography, video, drawing, graphic design and more. I hope you enjoy my site!


Happy Birthday, Baby Aiden!

October has just been FULL our smash cake sweetness! Baby Aiden turned one this past Saturday, and to celebrate he hung out with his Mommy and Daddy at John Prince Park to play with some fun red balloons and of course…. smash the heck out of his cute little blue birthday cake. Enjoy!

Coraline Is One!!!

Oh, little Miss Coraline, you have stolen my heart. Baby Cora is one, and to celebrate, she went ham on this pretty yellow smash cake for our one year photoshoot. She even let her little brother Leon get in on some cake action! Happy birthday, sweet girl. <3


If you have a project in mind and think I can help, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to sit down and chat.