Lindsay McGlynn | South Florida Photographer

I specialize in capturing genuine interactions; the moments between the moments. The unposed. That quick glance between a couple that lasts a split second but says everything about their love. That moment when a baby’s eyes light up. The special connection that siblings have when they think no one is watching. I want to capture who you really are, because I care about who you really are.

Hello and welcome!

Thanks for stopping by. Take a look around and check out the work, learn a little more about me, and even see a photo or two of my bulldog, Luna.


My name is Lindsay McGlynn. I’m a creative and art driven photographer with a passion for capturing moments, genuine interactions, and letting my clients’ soulful existence shine through my work. The earth is my studio and the majority of my sessions are shot in the great outdoors. I care deeply about my clients unique personalities and work tirelessly to deliver photos that you will love and cherish, finding and capturing who you really are.



If you have a concept in mind, I would love to bring your vision to life. Please shoot me an email, or send me a text. I look forward to creating something amazing together!